Our families change. Our families grow, our families shrink and grow again. Capture each stage with quality professional photography. It is funny how annoyed our children become with having the "family portrait" done, then, watching them fight over who gets to take "that one" with them when they move out! How heart melting when the 1st grandchild looks at daddy in that family portrait in Papa and Mama's bedroom and says "is that me?"  Or the question that lets us know, It is time for an updated portrait, "Why am I not in that picture?" C&C has been watching families grow in Houston County since 1988. Unlike so many shooters around today, it is our desire to be "your" family photographer. We want to watch your children grow, share in your joy and your sorrow, your victories, and triumphs! 

   Family portraits generally hold a place of honor when displayed in our homes and they progress with the memories we make. Your portrait deserves special attention to detail, where will it be displayed, what clothing is worn, type of setting along with appropriate size for the place of display. Should the image be tight or open with room to grow? C&C is experienced and we will help guide you in through these and many other questions about your family portrait. We will never, snap, and hope for the best.

  Come join our family and let us become a part of yours.