"Just because we can doesn't mean we should." This quote never had more meaning than to senior portrait photography. There was a time when the goal of the senior portrait session was 1(one) classic image that was to hang in the formal dining room of the parents home. While the selected official senior portrait is still very important, it can not be outdone by the senior portrait albums, gallery wall clusters, and digital brag apps! The number of images needed to fulfill this need brings us back to that old wise statement. You have seen them, in your grandparent's homes, those wonderful 80's and 90's digital laser background!!! And the all in one hair and makeup/photography sessions. Does anyone wonder why that was such a fad!!! C & C Photography promises to offer Middle Georgia, quality, professional senior portraits that will not have you saying "what was I thinking" 10 years from now. It is our goal to capture you, your activities, your hobbies, your senior year in a form you and your family will be proud of.   Let's start planning your portrait session/sessions early to provide the best opportunities to capture your senior year.  
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